Meet Joy Pucker

Dearest Friends,

My Name is Joy.

I’m writing to share with you my commitment to making Lemonade. I live by a very simple recipe that allows us to celebrate unity, with only 3 ingredients:

Life’s Lemons, Love & Compassion –

I hope you will join me.

There’s no twist. More now than ever, we exist in a world that can really get us down. Our sisters, brothers, children and children’s children are suffering from emotional, mental and physical illnesses globally.

I want them to know they are not alone.

Lemonade is a united experience for all, especially now as we are unable to celebrate and educate one another through live experiences. My hope for us is to celebrate together how we live, how we love and what we wear – as a Movement. We have created a series of collections that can unite us, while giving back to those who need it most. Together we can squeeze the moment, creating a message of positivity.

I invite you to share your lemons with the world!

Joy Pucker xo

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